Gossip sub IWANT issued only for local topics?


If different nodes of a network subscribe to different topics and not all nodes of the same topics are directly connected then could it be that the intermediary (router) nodes drop messages intentionally such that a message for a topic doesn’t reach all the subscribers?

e.g. Consider that there are 100 nodes. Only Node 1 to 10 of those subscribe on topic A but all the other nodes subscribe on topic B. Node 1 to 5 are directly connected and nodes 6 to 10 are directly connected but there is no common node between them. Node 5 connects to to other nodes Node (node 11 to 100) and so does node 6.

Then if node 1 published a message on Topic A, would the intermediary nodes gossip over the message to nodes 6 to 10?

I saw that the IWANT message is issues only if the IHAVE message has a topic to which the node is subscribed to as part of the mesh.

Would such an arrangement of nodes cause the network to lose messages?

please advice.