Getting an import error after installing libp2p on nextjs

i got this error below:

Import trace for requested module:
 ⨯ ./node_modules/@libp2p/webrtc/dist/src/private-to-private/initiate-connection.js
Attempted import error: 'RTCSessionDescription' is not exported from '../webrtc/index.js' (imported as 'RTCSessionDescription')

the only thing I import use the a type:

import { Libp2p } from 'libp2p';

but I got an import error. anyone that can help me please?

Hello rockyessel,

Have you tried going through the js-libp2p getting started guide? That might help you get past your current issue. There’s also a guide for using js-libp2p’s WebRTC capabilities that might also help. You can also ask technical questions in the js-libp2p technical discussion forum on Github.

Cheers! :beers: