Creating a storage peer discovery platform on top of IPFS with libp2p?

Hi all!

I’m completely new to lib2p2, but I understand how powerful it is. To break down my problem without making any incorrect technical assumptions, I’m gonna first explain what I’m trying to create. I want to develop a platform where any person could list themselves as a data storage provider, and any user could create a network of providers to distribute their data across their network. An example of this could be, let’s say I have storage on my desktop and my friend’s desktop( This will be a browser-based web app, to begin with). So, my friend could use the web app to list their desktop as a storage peer, and I could do the same for my desktop. Now, through my account, I could start using my phone’s browser to select both these devices as my peers, and upload/retrieve my data distributed using something like IPFS. I also understand that if both my selected peer devices are online, I will not be able to retrieve my content.

Is there something like this that already exists? I know about Filecoin, but it’s overly complicated for an end-user, and I’m trying to make this free of cost (for right now). In this scenario, I have a mutual agreement with my friend, and he has agreed to store my data.

I just want to know how we could possibly use libp2p along with IPFS to allow for networking, and storing data.

Any insight will be extremely appreciated, and if you’d like to chat in more depth about the bigger picture that I’m trying to create, feel free to reach out.

Thank you!

Built an app that listen to a pubsub channel and send CID of the data you want your friends to store on IPFS.

With signature verification you can make sure it’s really your friends sending the CIDs through the channel.

OR use an IPFS cluster.

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