Can't find how to unsubscribe from a gossipsub Topic

I have created a prototype for my intended app. It works, I can create topics and subscribe to them. I basically followed this post but had to update a couple of things to current libs.

          go Discover(ctx, h, dht, RendeVousLabel)    
          topic, err := gossipSub.Join(topicStr)    
          if err != nil {  
              return nil, err    
          subscriber, err := topic.Subscribe() 
          // etc

But I can’t find the way to unsubscribe!!! Only the PubSubRouter interface has a Leave function, which is documented like this:
> // Leave notifies the router that we are no longer interested in a topic.
> // It is invoked after the unsubscription announcement.

But how does it get an unsubscription announcement? Even heavy googling couldn’t yield me any useful result.

I find this pretty odd, maybe the code has changed so much that I am doing it the wrong way? Am I missing something?

The topic struct has a Close func, but that sounds like it’s going to close the topic for everyone, and unsubscribing with a Close feels weird to me, but maybe that’s it?

Dunno why I lost so much time yesterday looking at the wrong place…

I think it needs to be

subscriber.Cancel() - although Unsubscribe still feels more appropriate. But well.