Browser-to-browser connections?

This disclaimer is at the top of the libp2p-webrtc-direct README:

Caveat, you can only establish Browser to Node.js and Node.js to Node.js connections.

Why is that? What’s stopping browser to browser connections? Is it a fundamental limitation or something that just isn’t implemented yet?

libp2p-webrtc-direct currently handles webrtc signaling over an http connection, so in order to be dialable you have to run an http server, which can’t be done in the browser. The browser has to be connected to some signaling node in order to get direct webrtc dials. We’re looking at an implementation that will do this over a relay instead of the current static signaling servers we use.

Ah, I see. Thank you.

Responded in full on my other post, which turned out to be the same question from a different perspective.